DIGITAL VOLUNTEERS — accessible online education

The modern world is developing continuously. Every minute new laws are opened, theories are refuted or confirmed, experiments are made and previously unknown facts become apparent. It is almost impossible to keep pace with the constantly updated knowledge base of humanity, but you can strive for this.

In 60 seconds, 960 million tons of water will evaporate from the Earth’s surface, 6 million chemical reactions will occur in each cell of one person’s body, Mark Zuckerberg will earn $ 21 thousand, the Universe will expand by 4.5 thousand km, Google will receive 4 million searches, and Hundreds of training materials will appear on the Digital Volunteer platform, from which you will learn even more about the world!

Each of us wants to be educated, travel a lot and develop our strengths in the top companies of the world, but what percentage of us really fulfills these dreams? How many “comers” are aware that they can study abroad for free? How many of us know that we can get an internship at the UN?

Modern technologies have simplified our life as much as possible, and now WILL SIMPLIFY your path to self-improvement. Digital volunteers give everyone the opportunity to find the right information and ways to realize their capabilities in one place. There are such projects that a modern person needs.

Potentially, each of us is ready to develop in all possible areas of education, to receive invaluable experience and find ourselves in various directions, but some need a push. Such push will be the platform Digital Volunteers. It’s hard to miss this opportunity, because in just one click you can get the information almost about everything! The site collects the materials, internships and grants for any interest and taste. Are you 17? 20? 30? 50? Go ahead! For what wait for something, if we found everything for you - you just have to open the page in the browser, and you will understand that there is no limit to the possibilities.

Gusman Mikhail Solomonovich

First Deputy General Director of TASS, Chairman of the Russian Committee for the UNESCO International Programme for the Development of Communication

Du Toit Jaco

Programme Specialist Section for Universal Access and Preservation Communication and Information Sector UNESCO

Borisov Alexey Nikolaevich

Vice President of the World Federation of the UN Associations, Head of the UNESCO Chair of MGIMO

Chukov Roman Sergeevich

Chair of the Board of the “Russian Center for Promotion of International Initiatives”