Scientific Research of the UNESCO Chair

Scientific Research of the UNESCO Chair

Annually the UNESCO Chair “Societal, Legal and Ethical Frameworking of Knowledge Societies (Information Society)” conducts research on issues and problems that reflect the Strategic Agenda of UNESCO and objectives of the Chair.

Research results are the basis of educational and methodological materials of the UNESCO Chair.

Express survey "Use of confidential, personal information by third parties"

The study was prepared by SOTSLAB GUU and the UNESCO Chair GUU "Social, legal and ethical foundations of the information society" of the State University of Management.

Among the respondents, 38% represented the specialty - Management. 22% - sociology. 14% - the economy, 8% - advertising and public relations. 2% - applied mathematics, business informatics and personnel management. Specialties were represented by 1% each: applied computer science, hotel business, and state municipal administration.


Russia vs South: the Digital Divide in the Unevenly Developed Societies

Digital divide is one of the key contemporary challenges. Bridging a digital divide is a part of the UNESCO strategic agenda. Within the UNESCO Chair “Societal, legal, and ethical frameworking of the knowledge (information) society”, it has been decided to arrange the comparative cross-cultural research. The given research has been designed to compare the manifestations of digital divide in Russia vs macro-regions of ‘global South’. The expert recommendations how to cope with a digital divide have been expected to be developed based on the research results.

The research main purpose is the identification of the key essence and particular manifestations of the digital divide issue while comparing ‘multi-speed Russia’ vs main macro-regions of the ‘global South’ to lay the necessary analytical ground for development of the actionable expert recommendations how a digital divide could be possibly bridged. The given recommendations should go in line with the UNESCO current agenda and strategic planning.


The International Session “Social and Ethical Challenges of the Digital Age”

(within the Second International Scientific Forum: “Stepping to the Future: Artificial Intelligence and Digital Economy”, Moscow, the State University of Management, 6 December 2018)

THE NEWS LETTER The major purpose of the International Session is to enhance the public awareness in the issue of digital ethics as well social and ethical challenges of the ongoing comprehensive digitalization of the modern information society.


Post-Truth vs Information for All: Moral Dilemmas of a Contemporary Digital Society”

Abstract of presentation

Vice-Rector of the State University of Management

Executive Director of the UNESCO Chair "Societal, Legal and Ethical Frameworking of Knowledge Societies (Information Society)" - Svetlana Magometovna Malkarova


Gusman Mikhail Solomonovich

First Deputy General Director of TASS, Chairman of the Russian Committee for the UNESCO International Programme for the Development of Communication

Du Toit Jaco

Programme Specialist Section for Universal Access and Preservation Communication and Information Sector UNESCO

Borisov Alexey Nikolaevich

Vice President of the World Federation of the UN Associations, Head of the UNESCO Chair of MGIMO

Chukov Roman Sergeevich

Chair of the Board of the “Russian Center for Promotion of International Initiatives”